A Tribute to my Labrador Buddies

Four Labs 3 P5280013

“Four labs”, acrylic on canvas, framed 24”x36”; © 2014 A. Michael Marzolla 

My painting in tribute to my four Labrador friends.  Originals and prints are available.

Bear, Mars, Humboldt and Oso.

Oso & Einstein on the Beach in Santa Barbara
Oso & Einstein on the Beach in Santa Barbara

This painting is hanging on the south wall of the Vera Cruz House on Santa Barbara Street in Santa Barbara.

"Bear the Dog" etching Ink on paper
“Bear the Dog” etching Ink on paper

My first zinc engraving from way back in 1970. Bear was my first Humboldt County Lab. He was half Lab and half McNab.  Prints available for sale.


Oso was my most recent Lab buddy. He passed in January of 2012 at the age of 13.  November, 1998-January 2012.

"Oso the Wonderdog"
“Oso the Wonderdog”, photograph printed on canvas. © 2011 A. Michaewl Marzolla

My formal portrait of Oso.